My wife, bless her, (who is amazing) thought that is should do some kind of blog to track what I am doing in comics…which is a great idea, but I am sure no one will actually read….because I am not that interesting. You know my name and that I make comics, but you don't know  how I started.

Waaaaaaaaaaay back in August 2010 I decided that I wanted to try and make write a comic…I had no idea what I was doing, but I knew if I didn’t try it now, I never would.

I did, it was a ten-page comic called Mulligan and it was terrible…but I loved it…but (and this is the important thing) buddies over on MillarWorld who read it encouraged me to write more.

So, I did.

I went away and learnt how to make comics, I started with 4-7 pages comics, got feedback, went away wrote more…REPEATED.

I slowly worked my way up to writing a full comics and then nearly 4 years later i was there.

But it wasn’t until Early 2016 that I decided to start printing and selling my comics...

This is what happened next...



May 2016 i was lucky enough to get a table at MCM in London and it was my first was a great experience..and i managed to sell 213 comics!

I look like an idiot!

I had a great time, and gave away prizes to people who bought comics.

Everyone said that i did REALLY well that i sold so many comics, but i decided that it had toi be a fluke because i have nothing to compare it to.

People asked what other cons i was doing but i was adamant i wasn't going to do another yet and that i may do MCM London in October if i got a table.

I did and i sold 243 comics! 

Then 2017 started...which was a whirlwind of a year for me,

i released a number of new and follow up comics and managed to get them picked up by a number of comic shops around the UK.

The best part was that my comics weren't hidden among the small press comics in the back of teh comics were stuck font and centre on the shelves next to comics from MARVEL and DC!


i was in the basement!

Far away from Mr Abnett...but i still sold  30 odd comics so it wasn't too bad.

Then in March i was asked to come up to Staffordshire University and give the students a talk about how to make and sell comics

In July i was invited up to Nostalgia and comics in Birmingham for small press day and it was a lot of fun.

Huge thanks to Laura and Lauren for looking after us on the day!

For the record neither Laura or Lauren were in those pics!

Also in July, my good friend Sarah Harris arranged a similar Small press event at her Local comics shop in Swindon; Incredible Comic Shop!

It was another great day and got to meet loads of people i "knew" from twitter who were not only AMAZING creators, but lovely people too.  

October was crazy!

 i did two comic cons.

i popped up to Nottingham for The Nottingham comic con.

It was such a great family friendly convention organised by Kev Brett and his good lady, Kel

I go to spend the who day with my Friend Jenny and got to meet the incredibly talented arts Andy Bloor. i was invited to do a smalll press panel with fellow Creators Chris Imber and Jon Laight too which was great fun. But the highlight of teh day was someone (Amverveer who has been a huge supporter or mine) turned up in cosplay as one of the characters i helped create; THE ETHER

In April Transfer was mentioned in Comic heroes magazine!

In July another one of my comics; THE ETHER was mentioned in Comic Heroes magazine!

Two issues in a row! ;)

Then i was lucky enough to get a table at MCM London again...and sold 253 comics!

I was aiming for 300...but i was still pleased!

Lastly, in November i was invited over to Wimbledon to attend the first and hopefully not the last; Wimbledon Comic art festival.

Another great day and i got to photobomb Rik the organiser when he took a photo with the deputy mayor...made the day worth it!

Roll on 2018 and my first con of the year....True Believers at Chelthman race course in Feb.

Another well-run family friendly comic con that was great fun.


That's you up to date...but whats next...we'll i got my first solo comic signing in March in St Albans! ;)